US-China Film Industry

Cross-border Cooperation Conference

Hollywood, home of the world's film industry, embeds the hall of fame's entertainment and technology resources.

China, the world's biggest entertainment consumer market, embraces cross-border upbeats and capital strength.

2017 7th Beijing International Film Festival US-China Film Industry Cross-border Cooperation Conference is hosted by Hanhai Studio. The conference focuses on the hottest topics in China over the past year-film technology and film theme park. Hanhai Studio invites US-China industrial experts to share their thoughts and communicate with each other through keynote speeches and panels. The conference is aimed at exploring the future direction and opportunities in the industrial development. 




9:30-10:05amAddress of Distinguished Guests

10:05-10:10am Launch Ceremony of 2017 Hollywood Entertainment Technology Festival

10:10-10:50am Panel I: US-China Film Technology

10:50-11:30am Panel II: Film Theme Park and Town Economy