Company Information 

Across the street from Burbank City Hall, Hanhai Studio is located at 250 E. Olive Ave, Burbank (Old City Hall).  With approximately 80,000 square feet at a central location close to Warner Bros, Disney, Universal, and Cartoon Network, Hanhai Studio situates itself at the forefront of Hollywood film, television, game, and animation industry.


Hanhai Studio welcomes both Chinese and American creative production and technology industries to utilize its platform in creative production, animation and technologies.  This effort is especially recognized in China because of the booming creative industry and investment capitals interested in China-Hollywood channels and opportunities.


Hanhai Studio is a joint venture of Hanhai Zhiye Investment Management Group, Xinhua Mobile TV and Tsinghua University Planning and Design Institute for Creative Industries. Hanhai Studio is a part of Hanhaizhiye’s international community of high-tech incubation centers, including those located in San Jose, Burlingame, Boston, Toronto, Munich, and Vancouver. Together, with resources from all over the world, Hanhai Studio aims to connect China and North America through all channels.