By Andy Feng on Wednesday, June 10th, 2015

App-a-Day: POP

TLDR; The POP app is designed to take photos/screenshots and quickly stitch them together to create a fluid, transitionable user interface prototype.

By Andy Feng on Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

App-a-Day: Medium

TLDR; Medium is a medium for publishing medium sized articles. (Yo dawg….)

By Andy Feng on Monday, June 8th, 2015 (Written on Medium)

App-a-Day: Jott

By Andy Feng on Friday, June 5th, 2015

App-a-Day: Headspace

TLDR; Headspace puts a playful twist on meditation by making it a daily, progressing journey, and is designed to guide the user through the process of learning how to effectively meditate. 

By Andy Feng on Thursday, June 4th, 2015

App-a-Day: iBillionaire

TLDR; iBillionare is worth checking out if you’re interested in seeing what the world’s wealthiest professional investors are up to. 

By Andy Feng on Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015

App-a-Day: Robinhood

TLDR; Overall, Robinhood is a great stock trading app for beginners, or for any experience level really… 


By Andy Feng on Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015

App-a-Day: Pocket

TLDR; Pocket is simple plugin that will allow you to save web or mobile links with a single click. Users can browse saved links using the Pocket app or directly from their browser.

By Andy Feng on Monday, June 01, 2015

App-a-Day: Slack

TLDR; Slack is the mother of all work apps. In a highly general sense, Slack if your Facebook for work. It’s a uber powerful platform that makes it easy to connect, share, store, and communicate with team members, making it extremely easy to collaborate with everyone on your team in near real time. 

By Andy Feng on May 29, 2015

App-a-Day: Fandango

TLDR: Fandango makes it easy to browse and purchase movie tickets. 

By Andy Feng on May 28, 2015

App-a-Day: Venmo

TLDR; Services like Venmo make it easier for you to pay others but more importantly it makes it a lot easier for others to pay you!

By Andy Feng on May 27, 2015

App-a-Day: Acorns

TLDR; Acorns is micro-investing app that saves up and invests your spare change to grow your money over time.

By Andy Feng on May 26, 2015

App-a-Day: SoundHound

TLDR; SoundHound is a simple yet useful app that really comes in handy if you’re into discovering new music. 

By Andy Feng on May 22, 2015

App-a-Day: Twitch

TLDR: Twitch is basically a live streaming version of YouTube for video games.


App-a-Day: Sense

TLDR; Sense is a great gadget that will help you gain insight into how well you sleep and what you can do to make it better.


App-a-Day: Spotify

TLDR; Because essentially what Spotify is announcing today that the company is no longer a music streaming service, it’s now an entertainment streaming service.


App-a-Day: 1Password

TLDR; The 1Password app makes it extremely easy to store multiple account logins and passwords on one single, highly secure, easily accessible app. 


App-a-Day: Telegram

TLDR; Telegram was created by Pavel Durov. A faster and more secure messaging app. 


App-a-Day: Sunrise Calendar

TLDR; Sunrise calendar is the calendar app to end all calendar apps. One calendar to rule them all. Link all your different accounts to Sunrise and have everything neatly organized in one place. The app is extremely easy to use and is thoughtfully designed to remove clutter and make order out of people’s convoluted schedules. 


App-a-Day: TunnelBear

TLDR; The TunnelBear app is a straight gangsta looking, easy to use, feature packed VPN service that is guaranteed to be the most fun and entertaining VPN you’ll ever use. 


App-a-Day: WildCard

TLDR; WildCard presents a new, faster way for people to consume news and information from the mobile web. 


App-a-Day: Any.DO

TLDR; Any.DO is a powerful yet minimalistic task management app that strives to eliminate some of the clutter associated with being a busy, responsible, hardworking adult. 


App-a-Day: HBO NOW

TLDR; HBO’s new streaming service provides users instant access to select premier blockbuster movies along with the latest episodes of HBO originals such as Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley. 


App-a-Day: Wunderground

TLDR; If TheWeatherChannel app is Apple’s native weather app on steroids, then Wunderground is TheWeatherChannel on steroids… and also with a design and engineering degree.

TLDR; Obviously, when it comes to weather, the people behind The Weather Channel knows what they’re talking about. 


App-a-Day: MyFitnessPal

TLDR; MyFitnessPal is still a great app for tracking health data. The company appears to be in good hands with Under Armour behind the wheel and this new service shows its commitment to constantly improve and innovate its product.

TLDR; RunKeeper is a great training app for avid runners that can track both indoor and outdoor cardio activities. It’s “stopwatch mode” works great for treadmill runs even without internet access. The UI looks great and the developers did a nice job integrating the social experience into the overall well designed fitness app.

TLDR; The Flixster app itself is designed in a very practical manner, it doesn’t have the most innovative UI but there’s no question it gets the job done. Users can easily access current or upcoming movies and quickly get a glimpse of all their basic info along with trailers, critic/user reviews along with a rotten tomatoes score.


App-a-Day: Waze

TLDR; Indeed, the Waze app has many powerful features, but the real magic comes from seamless integration and leveraging technology to enhance the overall user experience. And one other thing, they gamified it!

TLDR; SoundCloud has the content. Amazing, unique, and underground content. It’ll never be as mainstream as Spotify or has genre focused as Overcast but it's a damn good app simply due to the fact that they have the stuff you can’t find anywhere else.


TLDR; Together with your Yahoo News Digest on one hand and Funny-or-Die’s News Flash app on the other, you’ll be all set to take on the world and be amazingly current with all the cool stuff that’s going on in far away places…. 

TLDR; If you find yourself sitting in your car a lot and have the desire to learn something new or be entertained/enlightened during your trek from A to B, then download Overcast and search for topics that interest you. It’s a nifty little tool that has to potential to turn that boring, monotonous daily commute into an interesting and insightful journey.

Written by: Andy Feng

Written by: Isabella Yang               

Edited by: Andy Feng