Hanhai Studio is an organization dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and businesses expand their outreach. We specialize in helping innovative companies with global ambitions connect with the right strategic partners and resources. Our mission is to invest in great entrepreneurs and give them the tools needed to make a global impact.

We are a strong believer in the power of community and are very excited to do our part in helping the entrepreneurial ecosystem flourish and grow in and around Southern California. Our newly renovated downtown Burbank office serves both as a co-working space and our base of operations; a place where we collaborate with passionate entrepreneurs, hold insightful start-up related events, and provide free mentorship services for founders and teams. 




Come join us in our new co-working space. Located in downtown Burbank, our new office offers a robust and supportive environment to serve entrepreneurs and creators. Check out our office when you attend one of our events or book a free tour today.


We're constantly looking for up-and-coming start-ups to fund and partner with. In addition to funding companies ourselves, we also help qualified start-ups connect with the right investors from our vast and curated global investor network. 


Hanhai Studio is one of many global offices dedicated to helping companies build lasting international partnerships. Here in our Burbank office, we offer international business acceleration services to companies of all sizes who are interested in strategic overseas collaboration. 



In partnership with Hanhai Zhiye and Xinhua Mobile TV, Hanhai Studio is part of a global network with 5 offices spanning 3 continents. We're working hard to create a world-class cross-boarder business acceleration and service platform to help innovative companies scale their visions globally.


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Come by our downtown Burbank office and co-working space, our doors are always open. Book a meeting with us and we'll see how Hanhai Studio can help your business. 



250 E Olive Ave, Suite 201,202

Burbank, CA 91502