Delegation of Beijing Municipal Commerce Commission visits Hanhai Studio

February 24th, 2016  

Members of the Beijing Municipal Commerce Commission were invited to visit the Beijing-Los Angeles Cultural Creative Industrial Park (Hanhai Studio) on February. 24th to promote further film industry communications between China and the United States.

The delegation members included: Foreign Capital Development Department; Deputy Director of the Beijing Municipal Commerce Commission, Xiaoji Liu; Xi Cheng, of the district of Beijing; Yi Wang, Deputy Director of the Commerce Commission committee of Beijing; Chao Yang, district business; Sino-Foreign Joint Section Chief, Yaling Zhou; Commissioner of Beijing, Tian Zhu; Comprehensive Economic and Trade Development of the Bonded Area Management committee, Lili Tao; Beijing Ping Gu Malaysia Logistics Base Management Committee; Deputy Director of the Haibo Liu; and Hongtao Zhu, the Deputy Director of the Beijing Ba Da Ling Economic Development Zone Management Center.

Hanhai Studio is the first pioneering Hollywood-Chinese creative production and technology incubator in the U.S.  We aim to create a zero-distance platform between Chinese creative production companies and Hollywood through regular training, incubation, and investment.

The delegation visited the offices of Hanhai Studio, located in Burbank, and saw our training classrooms, which we operate in partnership with the international Academy of Film and Television.

Deputy Director Xiaoji Liu, of the Beijing Municipal Commerce Commission, said, "The state council has a comprehensive pilot program to develop the service industry in Beijing, to open it still wider to the outside world, and it will slowly gain the introduction of film and television works.”  This includes film, culture, education and other aspects of the pilot program to broaden China's film and television culture, and the development of this industry provides a more powerful policy support.

Xiaoji Liu also said that even though the domestic movie market is very popular, it’s limited in mainstream media development.  Hanhai Studio has set up a platform to connect film talent, projects, and investors between China and the U.S.  It provides a good opportunity for domestic movie projects to find wider distribution.