Hanhai Studio hosts “Night of Beijing-Hollywood” Social Mixer

Over 100 executives from top Chinese and American entertainment companies gathered at Duke Gui’s Palace in Beijing, a rare traditional Chinese residence on April 18th for a social mixer evening hosted by Hanhai Studio, China’s first incubator for creative production and technology. 

Executives from US and Chinese companies utilized the platform Hanhai Studio provides to connect, communicate and collaborate with each other with mutual interests.  This event was supported by Beijing Huairou District Government, Beijing International Film Festival Committee, Beijing State-owned Cultural Assets Management Office and Xinhua Mobile TV. Approximately ten film investment were introduced to guests at the social mixer. 

Other distinguished guests included Vice President of China Federation of Industry Jun Fu, Former Vice Minister of Health Xizhao Dou, Director of Board oof Hanergy Group, President of Hollyhigh Investment Group Mingjian Chen, President of Stellar Megamedia Bin Hao and President of Winta Group Shuigun Chen. President of Hanhai Holdings Investment Management Group Hanguang Wang performed calligraphy and presented it to foreign guests.

Hanguang Wang said:” Hanhai Studio’s collaboration with Beijing International Film Festival will introduce China's rich history and culture to the West, especially Hollywood, and promote Hollywood film in China. It is a great effort to promote the communication between both countries. “

Former Chinese Cultural Consulate in Los Angeles Zhaohe Che also attended the social mixer. He said:” China has a long history. The Disney film Mulan was based on a Chinese story. Once the gap between Eastern and Western cultures is shortened, China’s box office and rich cultural resources will definitely surprise Hollywood.”

Director of Lion King Rob Minkoff talked about the prospect of US-China Co-production:” We can see that Hollywood and China is developing a co-operation relationship, and China’s determination is very strong.” Chairman and CEO of Reel FX Steve O’Brian said:” I am now co-operating with Hanhai Studio, a creative production and technology incubator. A lot of Chinese and Hollywood film production have settled in their building in Burbank, which shows the trend that Chinese film companies are going abroad intensively.”

(Left to right: Hanguang Wang, Rob Minkoff, Zhaohe Che, Steve O'Brian, Dong Hu)

(Left to right: Hanguang Wang, Rob Minkoff, Zhaohe Che, Steve O'Brian, Dong Hu)

Chinese film industry has experienced enormous development in recent years. Chinese companies start to invest in Hollywood films and make US-China co-productions. “Night of Beijing-Hollywood” Social Mixer provides an excellent opportunity for US-China filmmakers and investors’ deep conversations. Hanhai Studio’s effort of connecting senior executives from top US-China entertainment companies lays a solid ground for future US-China film co-production.

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