The 6th Beijing International Film Festival Kicks off with a Grand Opening on April 16

April 16, 2016

The opening ceremony of the 6th Beijing International Film Festival was held at Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center on April 16, 2016.

The grand opening followed four parts, “to films”, “to Beijing”, “to times”, and “to audience”. With film narration and the stage full of stories as its creation principles, the opening event combined song & dance performances with ritual ceremony and accomplish many processes including dramatic poses of seven judges and the film production team of the opening ceremony, the address of the chairman of the judge, and recommendation of 15 shortlisted film for the festival, etc. 

Hanhai Studio, the first Chinese creative production and technology incubator in the US has a close relationship with Huairou District, where the opening ceremony was held. Last November, Hanhai Studio invited the delegation from Huairou Government to visit Burbank and meet with the City Manager Mark Scott and Manager Assistant Justin Hess. They talked about how to build up the friendship cities relationship between Huairou and Burbank can promote US-China cooperation in creative industries.

Vice District Director of Huairou Junwu Ren said, Burbank is “The Media Capital of the World”, home to many world famous studios and media companies.  As the “Capital of Films in China”, large film companies in China are all located in Huariou district. The co-operation of these two cities could bring success and unlimited opportunities.

In 2016, Hanhai Studio plans to co-host the international promotion event of Huairou’s film and television industry, helping Huairou go abroad.  Huairou Film Base has already established a comprehensive business chain, from filming, post-production to tourism and training. Hanhai Studio is experienced in developing cross-border cultural creative projects. Their collaboration will boost Chinese film industry.

Since six years ago when the first session of Beijing International Film Festival began, this festival has undergone a development track toward “Masters, Mass, and Market”, thus now boasting a bigger circle of friends, being noticed and remembered gradually by the public, and realizing more and more movie dreams. Hanhai Studio will host US-China Film Co-production and Investment Panel and “Night of Beijing Hollywood” Social Mixer with the support of Huairou District Government, promoting the communication and collaboration between China cultural creative companies and Hollywood.