Hanhai Studio attends 29 Palms Military Film Festival

The 29 Palms Military Film Festival was held in 29 Palms, California from May 13th to the 15th.  There were 24 military-themed films showcased during the festival, including contemporary Hollywood classics and documentaries.  During the three-day festival, there was also a screenplay competition, in which five outstanding screenplays were awarded recognition.

The 29 Palms Military Film Festival is organized by Basic Lead, a Los Angeles-based event production and management agency servicing the entertainment industry.  The 24 films were screened in four venues, both outdoor and indoor—Smith’s Ranch Drive-in Theater, Smith’s Ranch Auditorium, Twenty-nine Palms Junior High School, and Knott Sky Park. 

In recent years, military-themed films have attracted more and more audiences.  The 29 Palms Military Film Festival brings audiences to the actual settings in the films, providing them with an unprecedented viewing experience. 

Here are the five winners of the screenplay competition:

Sharing First Prize were Hollywood Marines, by Kevin Flint and Brian Flint, and City of Dusk by Kimi Shearin.

Second Prize went to Sam’s War, by Stephen C. Settle from a story by Steven R. Nothem and Stephen C. Settle, and 800 As Is by Kurt Schauppner.

The Coward by Soso Whaley won Third Prize.

Kelly Zhang, COO of Hanhai Studio, attended the film festival as one of the judges.  Patrick Zuchowicki, founder and manager of film festival said, “We highly welcome Hanhai Studio to attend our festival this year and bring more military-themed films to us next year.  The Chinese film market is growing rapidly.  We are confident that our festival will attract more filmmakers from China.”

Kelly Zhang said, “Hanhai Studio is a communication platform between U.S. and Chinese cultural creative companies.  We will introduce more high-quality films to mainstream U.S. film festivals.  Me being the judge is a good start for future collaborations.”