App-a-Day: Yahoo News Digest & Funny-or-Die News Flash

Tuesday 4-28-2015

Happy Tuesday everyone. Today is a very momentous day.. Today marks the second day of our super awesome App-a-Day micro-blog series. It’s also Taco Tuesday! (or Popeyes Tuesday, depending on your financial situation.. the struggle is real, I've been there)

And to commemorate such an historic day, today I’m going to be featuring TWO apps! What?? Now, before you spit out your coffee, please know that this is a very special case and I’m only doing this to appease the taco gods...



Ok, in all seriousness, I’m choosing to feature two apps today because these two very awesome and well designed apps are extremely similar and set out to do the same thing. To provide busy, impatient workaholics (I use that term loosely) like you and me a quick-and-dirty bite-size fix of daily news and events because who has time to actually sit down and watch news happen? Ain’t nobody got time for that..

The apps I’m referring to are Yahoo News Digest and News Flash by Funny-or-Die. Although practically identical in many ways these two apps utilize very different tones when presenting their daily stories.


Yahoo News Digest is a great app that I’ve grown to appreciate mainly because it saves me time. Personally, I find it extremely important to be aware and conscious of what’s going on in the world around you. With that said, I’m not going to be reading newspapers and watching CNN all day.. This is where handy little apps like YND and NF come in. Yahoo News Digest is great because it does all the leg work for me and feeds me daily bite-size doses of news and stories that vary from science to politics to sports. The brevity and variety said stories are what makes it all work. Simply put, if you want to waste hours watching reporters ask the same questions and report on the same breaking news story then turn to CNN. If you want a diverse, curated, and extremely to the point fix of daily news then download Yahoo News Digest.


Funny-or-Die’s News Flash on the other hand is quite an interesting treat. Although identical in purpose and basic functionality. The News Flash app simplifies things even more by providing only a single sentence to summarize a given news event. Then immediately, under said sentence, ponies up a quirky zinger to make fun of it.. Brilliant! The app certainly works more as daily comedic relief opposed to a trusted news source, but nonetheless, it’s fairly well designed and those animated GIFs look pretty damn cool..



Together with your Yahoo News Digest on one hand and Funny-or-Die’s News Flash app on the other, you’ll be all set to take on the world and be amazingly current with all the cool stuff that’s going on in far away places…. So there you go, that’s my two cents for today and I want to thank everyone who stuck it through this entire blog post.. I promise to respect my own time more (and yours to a lesser extent..) in the future and try harder to keep things brief. Now, it’s time for me to get back to work... (turns on CNN.. -_-)