App-a-Day: WildCard

Tuesday 5-12-2015


Hello and happy Tuesday everyone. Lots of things going on in the world today! Another major earthquake hits Nepal.. George Zimmerman is in the news again, apparently someone shot at him while he was driving, and Tom Brady has been suspended 4 games by the NFL for cheating! (but just to be fair.. Just like Jon Snow, he knows nothing..)



Speaking of news, in the second edition of App-a-Day I introduced two mobile news apps, Yahoo News Digest and Funny or Die’s News Flash. Today’s featured app is called WildCard and can be classified in the same category. These are all apps that aim to provide users with the latest trending news in the most efficient way possible.


WildCard presents a new, faster way for people to consume news and information from the mobile web. The app draws from multiple online publication sources and aggregates all the latest news, articles, trending topics… etc and displays them in the form of ‘cards’. These nifty little content carrying cards provide a quicker and more efficient way to discovering and consuming news on your mobile device.



Unlike Yahoo News Digest and FOD’s News Flash, WildCard goes beyond just curating a handful of stories each day. It takes a more customized approach to quick-and-dirty news delivery. Users can enter specific topics into WildCard’s search bar and the app will present all the corresponding cards associated with that topic. Think of it as a faster and more efficient Google but specifically for news topics.



WildCard works because unlike traditional news outlets, its entire card based news delivery system is deliberately designed for mobile consumption. The user interface is streamlined to deliver quick and informative news cards that link to longer articles from the original source. The app is made to save people time by giving them a quick glance of currently trending news and by allowing users to search for specific topics they’re interested in.

In summary, WildCard is great for busy people who want to consume news but only have a few minutes a day to spare. The app is a mix between Yahoo News Digest and Google. Like YND, WildCard presents users with bite-sized, mobile-tailored news cards that are designed to be consumed quickly and efficiently. Moreover, WildCard goes beyond what YND has to offer by showing users what’s trending and gives them the freedom to search for particular topics they’re interested in.