App-a-Day: Sunrise Calendar

Thursday 5-14-2015 (& Friday 5-15-2015)


Happy Thursday everyone! Today’s App-a-Day is a special extended edition that counts for two days! Two days worth of App-a-Day stuffed into one super-long blog post extravaganza! ganza!... ganza.



In today’s special edition of App-a-Day we’re gonna be featuring a truly rare specimen, a diamond in the rough type app that despite fighting among hordes of competitors, had managed to rise above the rest and has since solidified it’s place in app history. I’m referring to the one and only Sunrise Calendar



Due to the lackluster and bland nature of Apple’s native calendar app, there was an interesting phase a few years ago when everyone and their mamas were building calendar apps. It seemed like the cool thing to do at the time. And as a result, we were presented with tens if not hundreds of calendar apps that ranged from great to absolutely worthless. It was a calendar app big bang!



But to be fair, calendar apps are just inherently hard to get right. They've got to present tons of information in a limited amount of space, all while remaining flexible and easy to use. Even Apple, with their gang of brilliant engineers and cutting edge design aptitude (not to mention practically unlimited access to capital) couldn't get it right.


Sunrise is a superior calendar app in both form and function.


First let’s talk form. The aesthetics, the design and flow of the app. The interface is simple and clear, presenting only the most relevant information to the user at first glance. The first page you see when you open the app contains all the scheduling stuff you’d care about in the upcoming days. Users can scroll up and down to easily view events in the past and future. Everything is presented in an organized and efficient manner, helping to eliminate clutter and to create order among chaos.



The function side equally impressive. If you’re like me, then you have multiple calendar accounts that you use for work, personal, or whatever. For me, I have three google accounts, one outlook, and one apple account that all have their corresponding calendar schedulings that I need to pay attention to. Let me tell you.. things can get out of hand quick.


Now, how do I handle all that craziness? I’d have to switch between multiple accounts and shuffle through five different apps right? Wrong! Ain nobody got time for that??!


I use Sunrise! The Sunrise app lets you link multiple calendars from different accounts. They categorize and label all your various activities and neatly presents everything all in one place. Once the accounts are linked, no matter which calendar you modify or update, everything gets synced to Sunrise automagically and order is restored in the world. Brilliant!


Sunrise has always made it easy to schedule new events and meetings. Today, they’re stepping up their game once again with their new product update and the introduction of Meet. Meet is a new Sunrise feature that is “the fasted way to schedule a one-to-one” meeting with friends and acquaintances. The feature itself is pretty straightforward and it makes confirming a time slot so much easier. Check out the video can see for yourself.



Once you have the latest version of Sunrise, all you need to do to get Meet working is to enable the Meet keyboard in your settings and BOOM. Now you can access the Meet feature anywhere you use your keyboard and start blowing people’s minds when you send them time slot selections in the matter of seconds! And when friends ask how you did that you can say you learned it in wizard school.

In summary: Sunrise calendar is the calendar app to end all calendar apps. One calendar to rule them all. Link all your different accounts to Sunrise and have everything neatly organized in one place. The app is extremely easy to use and is thoughtfully designed to remove clutter and make order out of people’s convoluted schedules. The new Meet feature is a keyboard that lets users schedule meeting slots with an unprecedented level of ease and efficiency. If you’re a busy professional and haven’t downloaded Sunrise already, try this app and you can thank me later.

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Have a great weekend!



Written by: Andy Feng

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