App-a-Day: 1Password

Tuesday 5-19-2015


Happy Tuesday everyone! Today’s edition of app a day is going to be short and sweet. The app we’re going to feature today is called 1Password, an app that neatly keeps track of all your internet passwords.



How many different accounts and logins do you have? 40? 50? Who knows?? Let’s be honest.. it’s a crazy hassle keeping track of all that login info and most of us are just too lazy to write things down. And even if we do, we eventually lose track of where we wrote it..



The 1Password app makes it extremely easy to store multiple account logins and passwords on one single, highly secure, easily accessible app. No more forgetting that weird password or username that always auto-fills but for some reason today it randomly asks you to manually fill it out. Sometimes the world is just out to get you.



1Password uses one master password to securely lock away all your sensitive account information. The master password is usually a long passphrase like “youshallnotpass”.. and no, that’s totally not the passphrase I use on my account.. or is it?

1Password is available on multiple platforms and syncs all your data automatically. They even have a Safari and Chrome extension to make it even easier to securely login to your accounts. Moral of the story, make a habit of logging all your new account info into the 1Password app and never forget another password ever! Simple.