App-a-Day: Spotify

Wednesday 5-20-2015


It’s hump day! Happy Wednesday everyone. Today we’re talking about Spotify, the immensely popular music streaming service. And yes, I know you probably already have it on your phone or have at least heard about it at some point.



Why write about something most people already know about you ask? Well, on any other day this would be just another colum trying to tell you what you already know. But today is different..



Today, in New York City, Spotify announced to the world that it is no longer just a music service. The company is planning to add a bevy of new features to make Spotify the all-in-one entertainment jukebox.



New features include enhancing their already spectacular selection of curated playlists fit for almost any mood or occasion, adding a special “Spotify Running” tab that has the ability to sense your movements and draw up music with BPM’s that match your pace, and finally the introduction of video streaming on their platform.



Spotify has partnered with an array of different content producers including ABC, ESPN, TED, MTV, Comedy Central... among many others to bring video streaming and podcasts to their platform. With this new update, users can enjoy music, stream videos, and listen to podcasts all while in the Spotify app.



The new features seem cool and Spotify obviously know what they’re doing, but only time will tell if their new direction will fly with mainstream users. Although it’s quite clear that in the cut-throat tech landscape we live in today, innovation is key to survival, it’s also true that with every new big feature release company's risk over complicating their service and delivering a bloated product.



Don’t get me wrong, I love Spotify and use the app almost every day. I can’t wait to try out their new update and play with video service but until I do, I remain a skeptical to this new pivot. Because essentially what Spotify is announcing today that the company is no longer a music streaming service, it’s now an entertainment streaming service.