App-a-Day: SoundHound

By Andy Feng on May 26, 2015


Hello and welcome back to App-a-Day! Hope you all enjoyed the long weekend. Today’s we’re going to talk about a handy little app called SoundHound.



SoundHound is song recognition app that scans whatever music is playing in the background and instantly gives you the name and corresponding info of that song. It’s great for music lovers who want to build their playlist or simply want to know what’s the name is of that new song on the radio.



The SoundHound app is directly integrated with Spotify and Rdio so it’s really easy to add newly discovered songs to your existing playlists. The app is extremely simple to use and the interface quick and responsive. Once the system recognizes a song, there’s immediately options to listen to the song, bookmark it, look up lyrics, or share with friends.


SoundHound is a simple yet useful app that really comes in handy if you’re into discovering new music. It’s free to use and is available on iPhone, Apple Watch, Android, Windows, and yes... even Blackberry.

Have a great Tuesday!