App-a-Day: Fandango

By Andy Feng on May 29, 2015


TGIF! Happy Friday everyone! Boy, that 8.8 earthquake yesterday sure was crazy! Amirite?.. Most of the buildings I’ve passed by this morning seems to still be standing so that’s a good sign. Whew..  really dodged a bullet there. (**sarcastic voice)



For those of you who don’t know, there was a silly rumor going around the past few days that Southern California was going to experience an 8.8 magnitude mega-quake on Thursday, May 28th. How they came up with such an exact and detailed prediction I do not know…


Oh wait, I actually do know.. It’s pretty obvious to me that this whole debacle was all a big marketing ploy to get people to go watch the new earthquake movie San Andreas! And hey... I guess it worked since I did go see the movie last night!



I went to watch it in AMC Prime, the one where they have super comfortable seats that you can adjust up and down. But moreover, those seats must have had some kind of vibration system installed inside since my chair was shaking like crazy throughout the movie.. I could quite literally feel the earthquakes in the movie! It was awesome! If you plan to pay money to see San Andreas, I highly recommend seeing it in AMC Prime or D-Box. This is probably the one movie where I’d say it’s worth it to pay extra just to feel the trembling.



Anyway.. We’re here to talk apps right? Right! Today’s app is Fandango, a nice little movie app that let’s users easily view and buy movie tickets straight from their phone. In fact, I got my San Andreas tickets from Fandango. I went to look up showtimes for the movie, selected the seats I wanted, and boom.. I’m in!



There’s really not much to say about Fandango. The app makes it quick and easy to browse and purchase movie tickets. Everything is done within the app and they’ll even text you your digital tickets, which will get you in the theater. It’s real easy.



The only thing with movie ticket apps like Fandango (and the previously mentioned Flixter app by Rotten Tomatoes), is that they’re not universal and might not work with certain theaters. That’s why it can be a hassle sometimes to switch between apps to book tickets from different theaters, but hey, Fandango seems to have one of the largest selections to book from so it’s certainly worth downloading the app if you’re into watching movies.



Oh, and one more interesting fact I forgot to mention… here in LA, we don’t just watch movies, we “screen” them (**sarcastic voice again)... Here audiences will actually applaud during climaxes and when the movie is over. Is that normal or is it just an LA thing? I’m actually really curious to know.

Feel free to leave your comments below and as always, have a great weekend!