App-a-Day: Runkeeper

Monday 5-4-2015


Happy Monday everyone and May the 4th be with you! Welcome back to our App-a-Day micro-blog. Hope you all enjoyed this action packed weekend. First we had the best movie ever Avengers 2 come out, then Kentucky Derby, Clips-Spurs Game 7, and of course the long awaited May-Pac fight.


But although it was a weekend filled with blockbuster spectacles, the outcomes were all more or less predictable.. Avengers 2 was a huge hit and had the second highest grossing weekend box office ever (highest was the first Avengers movie), American Pharaoh (who was the favorite going in to the race) won the Kentucky Derby, Clippers beat out the Expendables, oops.. I mean Spurs… and finally, the big fight ended with 12 rounds of Mayweather running laps around the ring..



Which brings us to today’s app, RunKeeper. I don’t know if Mayweather uses this but seeing as he loves running so much, he should definitely try it out…


RunKeeper is a beautifully designed fitness app that is handy for keeping track of all your cardio activities. The interface is clean and easy to understand and the app will still work even when there’s no internet. Like most running apps, RunKeeper has a GPS mode that will record and map out your outdoor runs. But there’s more….

Most GPS running apps work great for outdoor runners, but for people like myself who love to run in the gym, were out of luck because GPS is useless on the treadmill and there’s no easy way to log our runs.


RunKeeper noticed this problem, and just like any good user-oriented company, they listened to their users and came up with a solution. The RunKeeper app has a “Stopwatch Mode” that allows you to easily track treadmill workouts. To use this feature, the user taps the “go running” button while in stopwatch mode, the stopwatch starts and the user continues with their run. When the user is done, they simply tap stop and end run on the app and manually enter how many miles or kilometers the run was. Runkeeper automatically calculates your run metrics and stores your workout. Now you get credit for running indoors!


On top of that, Runkeeper is also a social network. You can add all your cardio loving friends and like and comment on each other’s runs. There’s nothing more motivating than seeing all your friends outpace your mile time...Time to start training..

To summarize: RunKeeper is a great training app for avid runners that can track both indoor and outdoor cardio activities. It’s “stopwatch mode” works great for treadmill runs even without internet access. The UI looks great and the developers did a nice job integrating the social experience into the overall well designed fitness app.