App-a-Day: MyFitnessPal

Tuesday 5-5-2015

Happy Tuesday everyone! It’s that day again.. tacos and popeyes! Yesterday I wrote about Runkeeper, a fitness app that helps track your carido. Today, we’re continuing with this health and fitness theme by featuring another great app, one you’ve probably heard about or use already, MyFitnessPal.


Founded in 2005 by Mike Lee (left) and Albert Lee, MyFitnessPal is a data centric fitness app that does a very good job collecting data and producing a variety of metrics and analytical feedback to help users be more health conscious. Users can easily log their food intake by searching for whatever food they ate via MFP’s expansive food database. Aside from food, MFP also lets users log their daily water intake, weight, and workout info.

Throughout the years, MyFitnessPal grown to become one of the leading mobile apps in the digital health space and has garnered a massive userbase of over 70 million. However, even with a such huge community behind them, MFP’s monetization strategy of slapping on ads was described by co-founder Mike Lee as “unsophisticated” at best..

However, industry insiders knew things were more than likely to change as MyFitnessPal was acquired by Under Armour earlier this year for $475 million. The introduction of new leadership from Under Armour brings on added pressure to come up with creative ways to monetize.


Today, MyFitnessPal appears to be expanding their focus from simply everyday people looking to lose weight, to more intense power users such as bodybuilders and professional athletes who want to go beyond just counting calories.


With this mind, on May 4th, MyFitnessPal launched its new paid service, a premium package for hardcore fitness enthusiasts. This upgraded service offers users “a way to make custom reports, to dig deeper into the nutrient density of the food, and to customize the measurements used to plan their meals." This premium service is now available on iOS and Android and will cost $9.99 a month or $49.99 a year.


This new service seem right in line with Under Armour’s mission to “make athletes better” and is a nice way innovate within the MFP platform, however, only time will tell if the new juice is worth the ten bucks a month squeeze.

Though regardless of whether this new upgraded service works well or not, end of the day MyFitnessPal is still a great app for tracking health data. The company appears to be in good hands with Under Armour behind the wheel and this new service shows its commitment to constantly improve and innovate its product.