App-a-Day: TheWeatherChannel

Wednesday 5-6-2015


Uh oh… Guess what day it is? Happy hump day people! Now, usually I’d say it’s a nice and sunny day outside but not today.. It’s been cloudy and gloomy here in LA all week and the continuously bad weather is really starting to get to us..


It’s funny how we can’t really appreciate the true value of something until we’ve lost it.. This totally applies to the weather in ways I never would have never imagined. But fear not, the human race has evolved to the point where even though we can’t control the weather (some may disagree… cough* -DARPA-* cough*cough*), we sure as hell can forecast it..


And I’m not talking about that vanilla Apple Weather program that comes preinstalled on all iPhones. No, the app I’m talking about is a lot more powerful and way more sophisticated. Of course, I’m talking about the one and only The Weather Channel app!


First The Weather Channel blew our minds when they dedicated a whole entire channel to nothing but weather.. these are the folks who turned what used to be the conversation opener into the whole freakin conversation.. a 24 hour non-stop one.. and then some.. Now they’ve once again transformed the way humans live by distilling all their brilliant weather analysis into a single mobile app.


Obviously, when it comes to weather, the people behind The Weather Channel knows what they’re talking about. The Weather Channel app has almost every conceivable weather related metric and presents it to the user in a streamlined and easy to understand way. It’s basically the native iOS weather app on steroids.. Not much more to say there.

So if you're looking the up your weather game and own that conversation starter, go check out that Weather Channel app and maybe find out how long this horrible weather will last.. :(