App-a-Day: Wunderground

Thursday 5-7-2015


Happy Thursday everyone! What is up with all this horrible weather?? At least 39 tornadoes were reported in the Plains from Nebraska to northwest Texas yesterday.There’s been reports of homes being destroyed, entire towns flooding, and some here in LA we can actually see dark clouds floating in the sky… Is this the end of days??



I guess we’ll find out.


Yesterday, I wrote about TheWeatherChannel app and how it can help us forecast all the horrible weather is coming our way. Today, we’re gonna kick it up another notch and get even more analytical.. Today’s app is called “Wunderground”, it’s short for Weather Underground and what this app does is take weather forecasting and analysis to a whole different dimension.

If TheWeatherChannel app is Apple’s native weather app on steroids, then Wunderground is TheWeatherChannel on steroids… and also with a design and engineering degree.


Wunderground is a beautifully designed and immensely powerful weather app that is built for the true meteorology nerd. It not only provides clear and reasonably accurate weather forecasts, but also goes above and beyond providing users with an array of different analytical metrics including humidity, visibility, atmospheric pressure, air pollution levels, sunrise/sunset infographics… and much more!



So how do they do it? How does Wunderground get all this data you ask? It turns out Wunderground has their own highly sophisticated weather stations located all across the world. When a user opens the app, Wunderground hooks them up with their closest weather station which streams real-time weather data to the app. I’m afraid you can’t get any better than that…



Wunderground is the weather app to end all weather apps.. It’s a combination of great design, powerful analytics, all-inclusive weather info… all powered by local meteorology stations that record and stream back data in real-time. If you haven’t tried it yet, I highly recommend you download the Wunderground app. Only then can you truly and unequivocally understand how bad the weather really is outside..


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