App-a-Day: Slack

By Andy Feng on Monday, June 01, 2015


Hello and welcome back to App-a-Day! Hope everyone had a fun and restful weekend. Today is Monday.. the day where even your coffee needs a coffee..



But hey, all joking aside, Monday is the perfect day to really buckle down and get stuff done, setting the tone for the rest of the week. I’ve introduced a couple of productivity and work related apps in past editions of App-a-Day. Apps like Any.Do, and Sunrise Calendar help you to be more organized but if you’re really looking to maximize your work productivity and streamline inter-team communication then you gotta have, yes you guessed it.. Slack!

Slack is the mother of all work apps. In a highly general sense, Slack if your Facebook for work. It’s a uber powerful platform that makes it easy to connect, share, store, and communicate with team members, making it extremely easy to collaborate with everyone on your team in near real time. Yes, emailing team members memos, documents, and files has officially become obsolete.



Today, Slack has developed to be one of the few Unicorn companies of our age, raising over 340 million in venture funding to date. But it’s interesting to note that the hugely successful Slack we all know and love today was once just a curious and simple side-project, born out of necessity rather than ambition.


Slack was originally developed in a company called “Tiny Speck” to improve internal team communication during their push to create an online video game called “Glitch”. In the end, the game itself didn't make much of an mark but boy did they find a giant pot of gold under their new teamwork tool we now all know as Slack.



Tiny Speck has since re-branded their company as Slack Technologies and has successfully (and quite ironically) pivoted from what was originally a gaming company, whose product is designed to eat away at your productivity, to an international team collaboration platform, aiming to optimize teamwork efficiency.



Today, thousands of companies and teams use Slack to streamline internal collaboration for all kind of projects and work tasks. The platform allows users to share important messages,  documents, files, and videos directly with another team member or with the whole team. Slack’s sharing settings are highly customizable and the overall interface is simple and intuitive.



Users can link their Slack account with Dropbox, Google Drive, Github.. etc, and have convenient access to all their project related files straight from Slack’s interface. And best of all, everything connected to Slack will be easily searchable from one central search-box so you won’t ever need to worry about finding that lost file from months ago secretly stashed away somewhere in your deep abyss of folders and drives.



Speaking of apps though, the Slack mobile app is a great tool that greatly complements the web experience. The app allows users to remotely access their Slack account and quickly follow up on project details. Another useful feature is the ability to have a real-time notifications when something requires your attention, further helping to streamline internal team collaboration and improve efficiency.



In conclusion, you should try using Slack if you find yourself working on anything requiring teamwork and collaboration. Slack’s sole purpose is to make it easy for you to work with others and vice-versa. So if you haven’t done so already, go download the app and cut you and your hardworking team some much needed slack..



Teamwork make the dream work!