App-a-Day: Medium

By Andy Feng on Tuesday, June 9th, 2015


Happy Tuesday everyone and welcome back to App-a-Day! If you follow this blog regularly then you might’ve noticed that yesterday’s edition was a little different. Yesterday, I wrote about a small messaging app, Jott, that’s growing increasingly popular among teenagers in junior high and high school campuses. But instead of describing about what Jott is and what it does, the article I wrote yesterday focused more on the bigger picture behind why apps like Jott are able to succeed and some of the bigger issues relating to Social Media companies in general.



Now, if you’re a regular reader of my App-a-Day blog series then you’ll notice that my writings are generally lighthearted and I’ll throw in a joke or two here and there. I try my best to have a little fun with my blogs because honestly, I just don’t have the time, energy, or focus to produce a polished and insightful article every single work-day… But every now and again, when I’m hitting on topics that genuine intrigue me, I can get a little carried away.... I’ll put on my big-boy pants, pretend to be a respectable writer and dive into the more serious stuff.



Granted this does not happen often, but on days when I feel that I’ve produced writings that are more polished and worthy, I’ll publish it on Medium. (Yes, I made a meme for this...)



Medium is new age publishing platform designed to quickly showcase insightful articles written by people from all around the world. Think of it as the ultimate modern blogging platform, elegantly designed to be stupid easy for users to quickly post and consume high quality reading content, wherever they are, across all platforms. The Medium app works just as well, if not better than it’s web version.



Medium understands the modern reader. They understand that people today seldom have the time or patience to sit down in front of a monitor and commit to reading a twenty page article. They understand that users today consume content on-the-go and have very limited attention spans (perhaps a reason why Twitter is so popular…Oh, and not to mention, Medium was created by the same people who founded Twitter). Medium content is extremely easy to share, bookmark, and recommend. You can even follow your favorite publications and individual users to stay up to date on all new articles they publish.



Medium is a blogging forum for content that can’t be summed up in only 128 characters but also don’t warrant a full fledged ten page article. Medium lives in this middle space, the space in between simple tweets and long, polished articles. This “micro-blogging” space. I guess you can say that Medium is a medium for publishing medium sized articles. (Yo dawg….)



My favorite feature is that every Medium article has an estimated read time conveniently stated on the initial screen. Depending on the length of the article, they’ll show you just about how much time you’ll need to commit before you even start reading so you’ll know if you have the time or not. The article I published on Medium yesterday took me about three hours to write but it turns out that it’ll only take you about four to five minutes to read… talk about efficiency.


In summary, Medium is the perfect platform for both modern “micro-bloggers” and professional content publishers. Designed for the modern reader and streamlined for maximum efficiency. Medium is essentially a grown-up version of Twitter. If you’re looking for great articles to read, go download the Medium app or go on and search for Andy Feng. (In case you have trouble finding me, just look for the one with the best looking profile pic and don’t forget to click follow!)