Hanhai Studio provides a cross-border acceleration program for North America's outstanding entrepreneurial teams. The program connects teams with capital, industrial resources, and major companies in China. We facilitate the collaboration between US and Chinese companies, with an emphasis on expansion into China through market development and establishment of satellite offices.


Through this program, more than 30 startups have landed in China. Among them, one received a one-time grant of approximately 30 million RMB, while many have successfully accessed Chinese capital and cooperation from the industry.

The 2017 Acceleration Program was led by Hanhai Studio and IdeaLab from May 10-20, and included visits to Beijing, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, and Chengdu. During the program, organizers presented prospective capital, industry partners, service agencies and local government to startups according to their characteristics and needs. There were roadshows, forums, salons, and business tours where the right resources were matched with the right startups to potentially actualize cross-border acceleration leading to the possible acquisition of technologies, markets and talents.